Pete Meads

From 1980 I started filming weddings and other special occasions. I then became the resident cameraman for my local nightclub filming PA's such as Tony Blackburn & Steve Walsh, Steve Wright, Sinitta, Rose Royce, Edwin Star, Heavy D & The Boys, Linda Lusardi and many others.

I took a break for a couple of years until I started a new company called Harlow Community Television. This is website based. We film local news and events, edit the videos and upload them to the website. I was one of the Presenters but I also worked Camera, Edit, Sound and Lighting

I was a Cameraman on a couple of virals where a green screen was also used.

Freelance for the BBC. 'Fern Britton Meet Frank Bruno'.

Head Cameraman & Co Editor : You Only Live Once UK. (YOLO UK) - New Reality show

Head Cameraman and Co Director: The Pub. - New Sitcom

Cameraman: Music Video Get Back.

Cameraman: KARMA